Thunderbirds Pinball Are Go-ing to Sweden!
Thunderbirds Pinball Are Go-ing to Sweden!

Thunderbirds Pinball Machines have landed in Sweden! Positiv Elektronik AB has joined the Thunderbirds Distribution Team and is available to help all customers in Sweden (and nearby areas). For all your information, purchasing and servicing needs for Thunderbirds Pinball in Sweden, please contact Positiv Elektronic AB.

Positiv Elektronik AB – Sweden Distributor

Positiv Elektronik AB is an arcade and amusement seller based in Sweden. They sell arcade machines, pinball machines, virtual pinball machines and accessories, and are here to help you with all your Thunderbirds Pinball needs.

Adress: Östra Gatan 24
442 31 Kungälv, Sweden

Phone: +46 0705-564965



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