Mission 2: Multiball Action with Thunderbirds 2
Mission 2: Multiball Action with Thunderbirds 2

Thunderbirds Pinball contains 6 missions for the player to complete alongside the International Rescue Team. These missions can be completed in any order, but once a mission is started it must be completed before another will activate.

Mission 2:

In mission #2, players must lower the ramp under Thunderbirds #2 but hitting the hidden target under the ship. Once lowered, players must then launch two balls up the ramp. The first ball will become locked, and once the second ball enters the ramp, the famous Thunderbirds countdown will begin! At the end of the countdown, Multi-ball mode will be activated.

You can view the completed mission for yourself at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LC6J4IrouCI


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