Mission 1: Thunderbirds 4 Rollover Switches
Mission 1: Thunderbirds 4 Rollover Switches
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Thunderbirds Pinball contains 6 missions for the player to complete alongside the International Rescue Team. These missions can be completed in any order, but once a mission is started it must be completed before another will activate.

Mission 1:

In mission #1, players must team up with Thunderbird #4 to manipulate the ball over the top rollover switches. Once the ball has tripped each of the three rollover switches, the lamps above them will illuminate to show that the shot has been achieved. This will spell out TB4, and players can track their progress by which lamps are lit. The mission is completed once the player has illuminated all three lamps.

You can view the mission being completed at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFwocrNZ0Q8


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